Contract Archaeology by Virginia Hatfield

I have been working in contract archaeology for over 20 years and as a project manager/archaeologist, mostly in Alaska and Texas, but also in Kansas and Missouri. My Alaska work has been in the City of Unalaska and includes projects for the City as well as for engineering firms. Work on the southern high plains included the survey of a water pipeline from Lake Allen Henry to Lubbock, as well as small surveys in the city of Lubbock and surrounding areas. I have conducted survey and testing phase work at Fort Hood, in and around Waco and Temple, and in much of east Texas.

Most recently, for HDL Engineering, Dr. Kale Bruenr and I surveyed the Captain’s Bay Road. I also monitored the excavation of water pipelines at the Russian Orthodox Church and Bishop’s House located in the City of Unalaska.

Previously, I directed testing phase investigations of 11 sites (in 2007-2008) and data recovery investigations of 3 sites (in 2010) in Mt Pleasant, Titus County, Texas. This work was conducted where U.S. Hwy 271 relief route was to be constructed. The three sites that went on to data recovery were all Caddo hamlets, containing 1 to 2 houses and activity areas associated with the houses. These 3 sites date predominantly to the Middle and Late Caddo period, but Early Caddo, Woodland, Archaic, Paleoindian and Historic activity were also noted in the radiocarbon dates and the diagnostic artifacts at these three sites and further documented by the material culture at the other 9 sites.