Contract Archaeology by Virginia Hatfield

I have been working in contract archaeology for over 20 years and as a project manager/archaeologist, mostly in Alaska and Texas, but also in Kansas and Missouri. My Alaska work has been in the City of Unalaska and includes projects for the City as well as for engineering firms. Work on the southern high plains included the survey of a water pipeline from Lake Allen Henry to Lubbock, as well as small surveys in the city of Lubbock and surrounding areas. I have conducted survey and testing phase work at Fort Hood, in and around Waco and Temple, and in much of east Texas.

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Research by Virginia Hatfield

Through the Museum of the Aleutians, as well as Hatfield Archaeology LLC), and in partnership with Dr. Kale Bruner, through Aleutian Archaeology LLC, I continue to conduct archaeological research in the Aleutian Islands. Through the Museum of the Aleutians, I am working with an international and interdisciplinary team of scientists that includes Russian Academy of Sciences ecologists Dr. Arkady Savinetsky and Dr. Olga Krylovich and Fukuoka University geologist Dr. Mitsuru Okunos to understand human prehistory in the midst of geological and ecological change throughout the Holocene in the Aleutian Islands.

Included below are a few of my publications on the Aleutians:

Hatfield2010 Human Bio


Hatfield 2019


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